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Center for Molecular Breeding Technology Innovation & Development

"The combination of molecular technology and conventional breeding is even more powerful-Yuan Longping" Huazhi Biomolecular Breeding Technology Innovation Center serves as "National Molecular Breeding Platform", "Yuelu Mountain Seed Industry Innovation Center" and "Crop Whole Genome Breeding Hunan Province Key Laboratory" The core R&D innovation center and the key common technology platform, with a world-class molecular breeding R&D team, advanced equipment and facilities, and strong technical capabilities, provide the most cutting-edge research institutes, universities, seed companies, government agencies, industry organizations, etc. Molecular breeding technology, including the artificial creation of excellent alleles, the development of SNP/INDEL marking and typing technology, the discovery of genetic resources/breeding materials at the genome level, marker-oriented selection, whole-genome selection, and varieties based on DNA fingerprints Authenticity identification, etc.

Center for Variety Testing and Evaluation

Center for Variety Testing and Evaluation has established a complete testing network system consisting of more than 100 testing points covering the entire southern rice area, has a professional testing team, has formed a set of standardized, standardized and unified testing procedures, and adopted independent research and development. Advanced data collection, management and analysis systems, adhering to the "fair, just, scientific, and authentic" professional attitude and working principles, provide customers with customized testing services. As of 2020, 89 of the rice varieties tested for customers have passed the national certification.

Center for Innovation and Utilization of Species

The Crop Quality Innovation and Utilization Center has a project team for base management and resource breeding, gene and trait mining (plant protection, physiological traits, rice quality), trait integration, and germplasm development (breeding and seed production). Mainly aiming at a variety of important crop traits such as disease resistance, lodging resistance, fragrance, etc., through rapid and accurate molecular breeding technology to carry out high-yield, high-quality and multi-resistant germplasm innovation. Possess experimental bases such as Chunhua and Lingshui.

Center for Biological Big Data Processing & Intelligent Applications

Center for Biological Big Data Processing & Intelligent Applications has a professional team composed of blockchain, artificial intelligence, software system architecture, hardware system integration, project implementation and other talents, as well as complete pre-sales and after-sales personnel. By building a smart platform for the agricultural Internet of Things, a germplasm resource sharing platform, a traceability platform for the entire industry chain, and smart breeding management software, we will strive to build a highly standardized agricultural demonstration base, unattended smart farms, and cloud farms. Committed to the construction of agricultural digitalization, and to provide a one-stop comprehensive solution for the development of agricultural construction.

Center for Bioinformatics

Based on the frontier fields of sequencing technology and bioinformatics development, the Bioinformatics Computing Center provides multi-link, one-stop exclusive services from project advice, experimental design, data analysis to result display, and helps customers solve problems in scientific research and biological breeding. Practical problems. The center has successively carried out biological information analysis services such as genome assembly, sequencing data and mutation analysis, gene positioning, pan-genome analysis, population evolution analysis, and customized analysis for dozens of scientific research units and seed industry companies.

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