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As the first batch of green channel test organization and undertaking unit of national rice variety approval and the test host unit of science and enterprise consortium, Higentec has taken the lead in carrying out the regional test of national rice variety approval green channel together with 11 integrated enterprises of education, reproduction and promotion, such as Longping high tech and Quanyin high tech since 2014.


In 2020, Higentec, together with 37 scientific research institutes, universities and enterprises such as the Crop Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hunan Rice Research Institute, South China Agricultural University and Hefei Fengle Seed Industry Co., Ltd., led the formation of the "Huazhi biological rice variety test Consortium", which covers six ecological groups in the southern rice region, providing a scientific basis for the national approval of rice varieties, Help national food security.


Since 2014, Higentec has provided green channel regional test services for many integrated breeding and promotion enterprises such as Longping high tech, Quanyin high tech, golden Nonghua, China seed group, Guangxi Hengmao, Hubei seed group, etc. by 2020, it has completed the green channel test of more than 860 rice varieties, of which 89 have passed the national approval. In 2019, there were 42 rice varieties tested by Higentec and approved by the state, accounting for 11.3% of the total number of rice varieties approved by the state in that year, which fully demonstrated the R & D strength of Huazhi variety testing and evaluation center.

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