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1. Be responsible for the development strategic planning and application architecture blueprint design of the company's agricultural big data platform, AI and IOT products;

2. Pay attention to the cutting-edge research in application related directions such as big data and artificial intelligence, quickly commercialize and commercialize relevant achievements, and promote innovation to users;

3. Be responsible for customer research, competition analysis and user insight information of big data products, and output product planning reports to ensure that products have core competitiveness;

4. Be responsible for product design, special planning and review, and output relevant documents;

5. Promote the product R & D team to form professional product road signs, follow the product rhythm, be responsible for promoting to the front line of the market, and complete the whole closed loop from market demand, scheme design, development and application, as well as commercial value.



1. Full time bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years of relevant experience, major data, Internet of things or AI products;

2. Have more than 3 years of working experience as a product manager, and be able to provide software product cases developed as a product manager;

3. Have more than 3 years of management experience and managed a software R & D team with more than 8 people.

4. Master Axure and other interface prototypes and interactive design software, and have strong logical analysis ability and product design ideas;

5. Have strong data analysis ability, be able to use SQL and other query languages, and be sensitive to data;

6. Experience in product design in Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence and other fields (at least one);

7. Understand the business model and industrial ecology of big data products, and comprehensively consider the product form, planning and promotion mode;

8. Quick thinking, patience, sense of responsibility, proactive work, learning and innovation awareness, good communication skills and teamwork awareness. Have insight and innovative consciousness, strong ability to learn quickly and adapt to high-intensity challenges.

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