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Intelligent agricultural machinery management and dispatching system

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Intelligent agricultural machinery refers to the integration of modern information and communication technology, computer network technology, intelligent control and detection technology and industry technology into the production and application of agricultural machinery.

The CPU chip and sensor of intelligent agricultural machinery can detect and analyze the application environment and intelligently control other functions. At the same time, It can interact with the command system or operators. Compared with traditional agricultural machinery, intelligent agricultural machinery has the characteristics of precision and intelligence, automatic and efficient, safe and reliable, multi-purpose and universal. Intelligent agricultural machinery is more in line with the concept of high efficiency, saving and green of today's social development. Intelligent agricultural machinery dispatching can generate supply and demand orders through the information and agricultural work information provided by agricultural machinery and farmers' users on the platform. After generating the orders, it can support online transactions.

For the operation process, it supports GPS positioning monitoring and operation quality monitoring throughout the operation process, so as to ensure the real-time monitoring of the whole operation process. After completing the whole operation, it will also analyze the quality of the order operation and analyze the operation area Qualified area, fuel consumption and other agricultural machinery operation data. Intelligent agricultural machinery management and scheduling system is an important guarantee for the rapid development of modern agriculture. Its own development trend includes the establishment of intelligent agricultural machinery big data platform, multi machine material connection, collaborative operation, agricultural robot technology and the development of original technology of intelligent agricultural machinery.


Intelligent seeding system

Through the combination of intelligent terminal and sowing sensor, each sowing / fertilization line uses a probe to monitor the sowing and fertilization. If there is no sowing or the fertilization pipe is blocked, the audible and visual alarm will send out audible alarm and digital alarm on the terminal screen. The manipulator can accurately locate the abnormal sowing / fertilization path, effectively saving labor and accurate positioning problems.


Intelligent plant protection system

When carrying out plant protection operation in the field after no tillage and sowing, we often encounter problems such as unable to find ridge line, unable to walk in a straight line accurately, and do not know whether there is repeated spraying operation. Compared with traditional operation, intelligent plant protection system has the following advantages:

  • Adopt large screen terminal; Configure high-precision board with high precision.
  • Line following / free curve navigation.
  • Complete the first line of operation by yourself, and the navigation line is automatically generated on the screen, which is completely parallel to the previous line of operation track.
  • Reserved working track.
  • Through the existing calculation model, the operation track is reserved for the next operation, and the continuous spraying record of breakpoints is supported.


Crop nutrition management system

Using the architecture of "cloud computing + end intelligence" and based on convolutional neural network, a crop nutrition diagnosis service system is designed and developed. Users can obtain crop nutrition diagnosis results and nutrient deficiency correction schemes by taking or selecting crop pictures through wechat applet and uploading them to cloud computing server for image recognition. The system has good online diagnosis ability, which improves the efficiency and effect of crop nutrition diagnosis.


Intelligent irrigation system

By integrating the world's advanced water and fertilizer integration equipment and leading irrigation technology, and combining the new generation of information technologies such as Internet of things monitoring, soil moisture and meteorological prediction, an integrated intelligent irrigation system of water and fertilizer will be established.


Unmanned patrol inspection

It has the advantages of omni-directional no dead angle, high efficiency and accurate positioning.


Production forecasting system

With spatial data and crop phenotype database as the core, establish the growth process and system from sowing to maturity, supplemented by meteorological conditions and soil moisture monitoring, comprehensively analyze the changes of crop growth status, predict the future development trend, and establish the yield prediction model before harvest, so as to provide the basis for early yield estimation.


Intelligent harvesting

The AI control system is established. The harvester receives the Beidou signal for unmanned operation, automatically plans the best harvest route and avoids obstacles intelligently. During harvest, the AI induction recognition system calculates the crop water content, impurity content and harvest per unit area in real time.

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