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By deploying intelligent Internet of things equipment in the jurisdiction area, the agricultural big data center can monitor the meteorology, real-time occurrence of diseases and pests, service use and distribution in the jurisdiction area in real time, so as to realize abnormal weather early warning, prediction of outbreak trend of diseases and pests, remote monitoring of planting and aquaculture, etc.

At the same time, the statistical analysis of agricultural production and service data can provide a basis for the production and service decision-making of government functional departments.


Whole process traceability supervision system

Through the agricultural big data platform, government functional departments can focus on the quality and safety traceability supervision of agricultural products for regional agricultural leading enterprises, key agricultural production enterprises and agricultural enterprises supported by regional project funds; At the same time, it can systematically monitor and master the main causes, incidence and epidemic dynamics and harm process of the current animal epidemic, and use big data technology for analysis and statistics, so as to find out as soon as possible, take measures to prevent and control, and effectively control its transmission and epidemic.


Industrial chain service management system

Carry out data collection, integration and analysis around the whole industrial chain of product production, processing, circulation, consumption and supporting services, provide an integrated data management platform for industrial data sharing and exchange, data mining analysis and index release, and provide decision support and solutions. Through the establishment of supply and marketing service information monitoring system, government functional departments can timely and accurately understand the market price of agricultural products, comprehensively monitor the market situation, grasp the general law of price fluctuation, assist decision makers to make reasonable analysis and prediction of price trend, and do a good job in production and marketing strategy and planting structure adjustment.


Industrial resource management system

By establishing the dynamic monitoring system of industrial resources, the functional departments of the government can know the planting and production resources, breeding and production resources, agricultural natural disasters, agricultural poverty alleviation and other agricultural resources in the jurisdiction at any time, and master the geographical location distribution, scale statistics, product category structure statistics and regional structure statistics of the demonstration area. Promote the advantages of agricultural resource management with informatization, and drive the scientization, standardization and refinement of management.


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